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Australia’s Favourite Looking Tank

Rapid Plas… Reflecting Your Country…

Australia is, beyond any doubt, the home of corrugated iron, so much so that it was a star in the “Tin Symphony” at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics and has been represented so many times by artists and architects who have interpreted its history and exploited its associations.

It is the building material that made the bush, and played a strong role in the settling of Australia with distinctively Australian buildings, such as the shearing shed, the Queenslander, the woolshed, the outdoor dunny, and the ubiquitous water tank that is essential to our country’s development and survival. And today corrugated iron is still used, even in modern architecture.

Rapid Plas, as a truly Australian company, has taken the cue from the corrugated landscape of Australia and built a tank with the timeless style of corrugated iron and attractive triangular roof pattern to blend in well with corrugated roofs and walls. The old iron tanks were made corrugated for strength and strength is what Rapid Plas gives you. Only Rapid Plas offers the heritage of a corrugated iron design, the building material that made the bush. A truly Australian style.

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