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Slimline & Small Corrugated Rainwater Tanks

RapidPlas offers a wide range of slimline and small rainwater tanks to suit various residential and commercial needs. Our slimline/small water tank range can hold between 500L to 5,000L and are available in multiple sizes and colours to meet your requirements. Each tank features a stainless-steel strainer, a dust cover and an overflow kit.

Tank & Pump Package Features:

  • Small tank (500L – 5000L)
  • Pump (size depending on your need)
  • Pump cover to protect your pump and that also matches your tank
  • Connection Fittings to join your tank and pump to make it easier to get set up

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  • Watering garden
  • Supplying water to a small house or granny flat
  • Washing your car or boat
  • Topping up pools


Our range of small and slimline water storage tanks as seen below:

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