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Rainwater Tank

Understanding the Importance of Maintaining Your Rainwater Tank

Practical and durable: two words that describe rainwater tanks. Rainwater tanks offer an economical and environmentally friendly way to conserve […]

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Vegetable garden

Harvesting Rainwater for Your Vegetable Garden

Many restaurants in Australia are growing their own ingredients and practising garden-to-table food services. With more people wanting to know […]

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What You Need To Know About Farm Water Planning

Water is one of the most crucial elements in any farm. It is essential for raising livestock and has a […]

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The TankVac ®

The TankVac for Cleaner water – How important is it to you?

The TankVac for even cleaner and safer water. Harvesting and storing Rainwater is a simple and efficient way to provide […]

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Small Rainwater Tank

How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Breeding in Your Rainwater Tank

Thirty percent of homes in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney have a rainwater tank installed due to severe droughts in […]

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Water Sustainability: Using Rainwater Efficiently for your Garden

Sustainable gardening is highly gratifying. It does challenge you to use resources in an efficient and ecologically-minded way, but the […]

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Michael Firth on a horse


The Rapid Plas story is one that illustrates the approach we still take today in engineering, and manufacturing tough but […]

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Clean Water Tank: How to Prevent Algae from Growing

Poly water tanks are one of the most reliable sources of water. They are most useful during drought or situations […]

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Small Rainwater Tank

Beginning Your Journey to Self Sufficiency with Water Harvesting

Self-sufficient living requires a wide set of knowledge and skills. You need to know how to produce your own food, […]

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Visit Rapid Plas at AgQuip 2017

Come visit us at site W-X/30 (near gate 3) at this years AgQuip Field days. Here’s a sneak peak at […]

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A Look at the Average Australian Household’s Water Consumption

How much water does an average Australian household consume? Though water usage varies greatly across the country, on average, households […]

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water tank

Clean and Fresh: A Guide for Better Water Quality

Caring for rainwater tanks ensures that the stored water remains clean, clear, and odour-free. This is especially important if you […]

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plastic trough for livestock watering

The Importance of Water Quality on Farms

The agricultural industry is highly dependent on water. Whether it is to operate systems or to sustain life for crops […]

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Rapid Plas... Reflecting Your Country...

Corrugated design in poly rainwater tanks makes them stronger

The strength of the corrugated design in poly rainwater tanks The old iron tanks were made corrugated for strength. Corrugated […]

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Small Rainwater Tank

Saving the Environment (and Money) with Rainwater Tanks

Australia has reliable water providers, but it can also be useful to have your own water storage system at home. […]

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Rapid Plas Tank and Overflow Kit

Poly water tanks: Plumbing the overflow away from the tank

When installing poly water tanks, one area of concern is that when the tank fills up with water and overflows, […]

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algae growth in rainwater storage tanks

3 Simple ways to Eliminate Algae Growth in Rainwater Storage Tanks

Preventing algae growth in Rainwater storage tanks Rainwater storage is becoming more and more important to the environment. Water is […]

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Complete drain tanks in a Fertigation set-up


Kerabury Almond Plantation Used to water 12,000 almond trees in a fertigation set-up, Rapid Plas supplied these 16 completely drainable […]

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25-80 Head Cattle Stock Watering Point

Why Farmers choose the Combo as a secure livestock watering point

  The secure livestock watering point For a more secure livestock watering point, choose the tank and trough combo. (also […]

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Water tank donation to Maya's Rest

Water tank and pump package donated to Maya’s Rest.

Rapid Plas is very happy to have donated a water tank and pump package to the caring family of Maya’s […]

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Rainwater tank donation to the Westpac Rescue Chopper

Our rainwater tank donation to the Chopper. Rapid Plas is very happy to support the Westpac Rescue Helicopter with a tank donation. […]

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Why clean water for livestock?

Water quality and quantity is vital to sustain stock condition and prevent illness. The quality of drinking water provided to […]

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AgQuip 2016

Watch Our AgQuip Showcase 2016

As usual, Rapid Plas was out in force at the recent Ag-Quip Field Day in Gunnedah NSW in August. Their stand […]

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Rapid Plas at AgQuip Field Days

If you’re going to AgQuip this year

This year we will have some new tank and pump packages for your home and garden that are only available […]

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Getting the right look

Are you building a new house or putting up a shed? If you are and you need a rainwater tank, […]

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