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Troughs and Tanks Combination: Consistently Provide Water for Stock

In agriculture, water is an integral part of the production process. Consistent and clean water supply is vital to ensuring […]

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water tank

Harvest Stormwater Using Our Large Rainwater Tanks

A number of homes in Australia’s flooded areas practise stormwater detention to maximise self-sufficiency. Stormwater detention is also an important […]

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Planting the Seeds of Urban Farming

Urban farming is quickly becoming one of the main channels of sourcing fresh produce in the country. It is considered […]

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How to Cut Back on Water Used for Laundry

Doing the laundry uses up more water than most people realise. Estimates show that old washers consume around 151-170 litres […]

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Rainwater Tank

Understanding the Importance of Maintaining Your Rainwater Tank

Practical and durable: two words that describe rainwater tanks. Rainwater tanks offer an economical and environmentally friendly way to conserve […]

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Vegetable garden

Harvesting Rainwater for Your Vegetable Garden

Many restaurants in Australia are growing their own ingredients and practising garden-to-table food services. With more people wanting to know […]

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What You Need To Know About Farm Water Planning

Water is one of the most crucial elements in any farm. It is essential for raising livestock and has a […]

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The TankVac ®

The TankVac for Cleaner water – How important is it to you?

The TankVac for even cleaner and safer water. Harvesting and storing Rainwater is a simple and efficient way to provide […]

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Small Rainwater Tank

How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Breeding in Your Rainwater Tank

Thirty percent of homes in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney have a rainwater tank installed due to severe droughts in […]

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Water Sustainability: Using Rainwater Efficiently for your Garden

Sustainable gardening is highly gratifying. It does challenge you to use resources in an efficient and ecologically-minded way, but the […]

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Michael Firth on a horse


The Rapid Plas story is one that illustrates the approach we still take today in engineering, and manufacturing tough but […]

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Clean Water Tank: How to Prevent Algae from Growing

Poly water tanks are one of the most reliable sources of water. They are most useful during drought or situations […]

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Small Rainwater Tank

Beginning Your Journey to Self Sufficiency with Water Harvesting

Self-sufficient living requires a wide set of knowledge and skills. You need to know how to produce your own food, […]

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Visit Rapid Plas at AgQuip 2017

Come visit us at site W-X/30 (near gate 3) at this years AgQuip Field days. Here’s a sneak peak at […]

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A Look at the Average Australian Household’s Water Consumption

How much water does an average Australian household consume? Though water usage varies greatly across the country, on average, households […]

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