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Large Rainwater Tanks

RapidPlas offers large rainwater tanks both individually and as packages for your residential or commercial purpose. Our large tanks can hold between 7,000L and 32,000L. So whether you’re looking at a storage tank for your home or your business, we have the size and tank for you!

Our large water tank packages are available in residential packages including a pump, pump cover and quick connection fittings to make the job easier for watering your garden, supplying water into your house, washing your car or topping up the pool. The rainwater tank itself features a stainless steel strainer for cleaner water, a dust cover to prevent algae growth due to sunlight, and an overflow kit. This option is perfect for first time buyers who are unsure of how to care for their tank. Our package takes the hassle of having to figure it out by yourself.

The larger corrugated storage tanks are suitable for whole of house applications, providing water for your kitchen, bathrooms, Laundry and toilets. They are also suitable for agricultural or industrial purposes. An excellent choice for those who need to store other liquids than water, our tanks can store fertiliser, molasses and many other products you may require.

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