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The Rapid-Easi Small Garden Package

Rapid Plas Rapid-Easi Small Garden Package

The Rapid-Easi Small Garden Package

Save more with this complete package

This package provides enough pressure to run a couple of garden taps to water with a garden hose or sprinkler.

This package can also be used to top up your pool, or if you have a pressure washer, the pump in this package can provide the water you need to wash your car or boat.

Buying in a package like this is a better way to buy as you save more, don’t have to go shopping around, and get it all delivered to your property in one go.

You can get this package with any size rainwater tank (slimline or round), although the popular size we sell for watering a small garden is 5000L.  To discuss your particular need and get further advice on the best tank size for you, call 1800 816 299 and speak to one of our water needs consultants.

The Package includes:

  • A Rainwater tank (Choose your size. This package is available with tanks 1100L to 32,000L, round or slimline)
  • 3 Tap External Pump with pressure controller. Has a flow rate of 50l/m and 42m head
  • Matching pump cover match your tank and to protect your pump
  • Quick connection kit between your tank & pump

The tank itself comes with:

  • Stainless steel strainer for cleaner water into your tank and a dust cover to stop sunlight getting into you tank. This prevents algae growth
  • Two 1 1/2″ BSP outlets to save on plumbing costs
  • Overflow kit to plumb off with standard 90mm stormwater PVC pipe
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This package is available in the following tank sizes:

Round Rainwater Tanks:

RT01100.SGPACK 1100 1050 1550 1600
RT02200.SGPACK 2200 1350 1900 1960
RT03000.SGPACK 3000 1710 1680 1780
RT05000.SGPACK 5000 1840 2110 2190
RT07000.SGPACK 7000 2380 1740 1950
RT09000.SGPACK 9000 2350 2220 2330
RT10500.SGPACK 10500 2520 2260 2320
RT13500.SGPACK 14000 3000 2150 2330
RT22500.SGPACK 22500 3510 2390 2640
RT27000.SGPACK 27000 3840 2440 2570
FT32000.SGPACK 32000 3990 2730 3230

Slimline Rainwater Tanks:

DP632.SGPACK 2100 2280 700 1955
RTSL03000.SGPACK 3000 2515 870 1950
RTSL04000.SGPACK 4000 2945 935 2020
RTSL05000.SGPACK 5000 3320 1040 2020

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