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The ‘Cattle-Pro’ Stock Watering Package (14000L)

The 'Cattle-Pro' Stock Watering System

The ‘Cattle-Pro’ Stock Watering Package (14000L)

A much better way to buy. By buying in a package like this you save a lot more, plus get everything delivered to your property for free in one go. And it’s only about the same price as one 5000 Gallon tank.


  • 1 x 14000L tank (RT13500)
  • Two x 1 ½” outlets to feed out to both troughs
  • 2 x 220L Pro Tub Troughs including float valves and covers (PTTU40W)
  • A water beacon level indicator to check your livestock have enough water (RTLWB)
  • 2 x ball valves to go out to both troughs


NOTE: Must be delivered direct to farm as one complete package. Package price, unable to be sold separately.

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