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Slimline & Small Corrugated Rainwater Tanks

Rapid Plas offers a wide range of slimline and small rainwater tanks to suit various residential and commercial needs. Our slimline rainwater tanks are perfect for homes or businesses with narrow spaces. They come with a sleek and refined style that will complement any home or business. Manufactured while adhering to the AS/NZS 4766 standard, you are assured that we only provide long-lasting tanks.

Our slimline/small water tank range can hold between 500L to 5,000L and are available in multiple sizes and colours to meet your requirements. Each tank features a stainless-steel strainer, a dust cover and an overflow kit. Our products are available as separate items but we also offer packages to help you save money.

With Rapid Plas, tight spaces aren’t a problem. View our range of slimline and small water tanks today.

Tank & Pump Package Features:

  • Small tank (500L – 5000L)
  • Mosquito-proof inlet strainer
  • Dust cover
  • Overflow kit
  • Pump (size depending on your need)
  • Pump cover to protect your pump and that also matches your tank
  • Connection Fittings to join your tank and pump to make it easier to get set up

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  • Watering garden
  • Supplying water to a small house or granny flat
  • Washing your car or boat
  • Topping up pools
  • Supplying water for commercial applications (e.g. small washrooms, business garden)


Rapid Plas’ small and slimline tanks are made for long use and convenience. Switching to an environmentally friendly and economic source of water has never been this easy. Their function and stylish design add more value to your property. You can visit our nearest dealer today to see the actual tanks.

Here is our range of small and slimline poly water storage tanks as seen below:

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