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Large Rainwater Tanks

Rapid Plas is dedicated to providing the best water storage solutions in New South Wales and south-east Queensland. We offer large water storage tanks that are ideal for residential, agricultural, industrial and commercial purposes. Our premium tanks are made with the highest standards and are now AS/NZS 4766 Certified.

Our large rainwater tanks are sold separately or as packages, and are available in capacities between 7,000L and 32,000L. One of the perks of purchasing your tank from Rapid Plas is that we deliver large water tanks for free. View our freight details to determine our delivery areas and requirements for onsite deliveries.
7000L, 9000L, 10500L, 14,000L, 22500L, 22500L Low Profile25,000L, 27,000L, 32,000L


General features:

  • Rainwater tanks
  • Pump (options depending on your application)
  • Pump cover to protect your pump
  • Connection fittings to connect from tank to pump
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • Dust cover
  • Overflow kit


  • Supplying water into your home
  • Washing your car or boat
  • Watering your garden
  • Topping up your pool
  • Supplying water for industrial use (e.g. chemical and food manufacturing)
  • Supplying water for commercial use (e.g. offices, car wash businesses)


The Rapid Plas corrugated tank is Australia’s favourite looking tank, reminding us of the corrugated iron so used out in the bush. This truly Australian style makes the tanks’ wall stronger, helping it store tons of water.

Our large corrugated water storage tanks can be used for many household purposes, supplying water for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and toilets. They are also ideal for agricultural and industrial purposes. Other than water, our tanks can also be used to store products such as molasses and fertiliser.

Our large water tanks and corrugated water storage tanks help Australian households and businesses shift to an environmentally friendly and economic water source. View our products or request a quote today.

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Watch a Rapid Plas tank being made videoA Rapid Plas Tank Being Made – Watch Video

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