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Rapid Plas Small Slimline Rainwater Tanks Group

Rapid Plas offers a range of tank sizes and colours to suit your residential or commercial purpose. Our rainwater tanks are sold separately or packaged with a pump, pump cover to protect your pump and a connection kit to make it easier for you to get set up.

Small round rainwater tanks ranging from 500L to 5100L.

Slimline rainwater tanks to save space. These range from 500L to 5000L.

These tanks can be used for:

  • Supplying water into a home
  • Watering a garden
  • Washing cars or boats
  • To top up a pool

Rapid Plas also offer large rainwater tanks ranging from 7,000L to 32,000L.



"Our farm has many tanks. The Rapid Plas hold up the best. Not only are their many products (as well as tanks) well made, but the help and service that I've had via phone has been wonderful. No problem is too hard."
Fiona, New England, NSW

"great looking tank, no post in the middle of the tank and easy to place thanks to the lift lugs at the top. no tank compares. I have 3 large rapid plas tanks. 2 are 5+ years old and still look new."
Koen, NSW

"What great service! Tight spot to place a 22,500 litre tank; no problem. The Rapid Plas driver made it look easy and their tanks measure up to everything they say. In fact we're about to order 2 more."
Mark, Hunter Valley, NSW

10 Reasons that make Rapid Plas tanks better

1.   Tanks will last longer due to our own 100% virgin and sun protected material

This material is processed in-house at Rapid Plas under controlled conditions, and gives you peace of mind & exceptional long term protection from the harsh Australian sun.

2.   Free delivery in NSW and South East QLD

So long as you live east of Nyngan and St George and south of Bundaberg, delivery is absolutely free. Up to 5000L is free into store, and 7000L and above is free to your home or farm.

3.   A better looking tank that blends in with its surrounds

The corrugated design gives the tank a much more attractive appearance which is important when it’s sitting beside your house or shed, or even out in the paddock.

4.   The Traditional corrugated design actually makes them stronger too

Iron was made corrugated for strength, and this too, is true of poly rainwater tanks. The corrugations make the walls of the tank stronger.

5.   Largest colour choice to match your colourbond® roof or gutter

There’s 24 colours to choose from, and because the raw material is processed at Rapid Plas, you get more colour options with no extra cost for special colours.

6.   The convenience of two outlets

All Corrugated round tanks over 3000L come with two 1 ½” outlets already installed at 3 and 9 o’clock. Having two outlets can save you time and money when connecting your tanks.

7.   The tank that prevents Algae growing in it

Because sunlight causes algae to grow, these tanks are made with completely opaque material and has a dust cover to stop sunlight getting in your tank.

8.   The tank roof that won’t collapse in on you and the tank with lifting lugs

All our large corrugated tanks have two stainless steel roof beams to ensure your roof will not collapse. Rapid Plas tanks do not have a centre pole. These lifting lugs make it much easier to position the tank and allow you to lift with a crane.

9.   Every tank is Ultrasound thickness tested in 20 places around the tank

Every single tank undergoes this test to give you the peace of mind that your tank passes the strength test in all 20 points around the tank.

10.   A sample from every tank is frozen to -40° and a 20KG pin dropped onto it

If the sample shatters, the tank fails this test and cannot be sold. The sample is cut out from where the strainer will be.