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Universal Full Drain Tank

fertigation-tanks-for-almond-plantationComplete drain tanks in a Fertigation set-upComplete drain tanks in a Fertigation set-up

Universal Full Drain Tank

Suited for use at fertiliser and chemical manufacturers and distributers, potable and waste water treatment plants and virtually any other liquid processing applications. Both the tank and base are made from food grade polyethylene making it the first choice for storing chemicals, molasses, liquid fertiliser and liquid feeds.

  • Multi-purpose – can be cleaned and re-used for a variety of liquids (e.g. molasses or liquid fertiliser)
  • 5° cone bottom and drain fitting for virtually 100% evacuation of contents and quick clean out
  • NEW improved base for added stability – features a 2.5m Circular Stabilisation Pod to provide a much larger surface area than individual support legs
  • Water-fillable base weighing 570kg when filled to stabilise tank when tank is empty
  • Side delivery – NO vortex created, to prevent pump sucking air
  • Self supporting roof with no internal fixtures or supports
  • 3 x lifting lugs/tie-down points on roof
  • Easy access 2” Outlet and ball valve on the side, not underneath the tank. Other outlet sizes available.
  • Safe filling from ground-level
  • 100% polyethylene construction tank and base makes it a long term solution – will not rust or corrode
  • Supplied in Black colour as standard (Also available in translucent green colour so level of contents can be seen)
  • Store at application site and free up your truck for other use
  • 450mm Hinged and vented lid
  • Rated for 1.5 SG liquids
  • 2 tanks will store a full B-Double load
  • 2500mm diameter – Can be transported without the need of an escort


  • Spray balls for easy cleaning
  • Poly weld-in fittings
  • Can be manufactured to be rated for 2SG liquids
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Capacity: 16000 L
Diameter (mm): 2500
Height (mm): 3910

CODE: FTP16000

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