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The TankVac®

The TankVac®

Clean water, how important is it to you? With the TankVac® you can have a self cleaning rainwater tank that maintains your tank as new, for years to come.

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Why do you need the TankVac®?

1. For even cleaner and safer water.
The TankVac® maintains and even healthier tank by removing the oldest water on the bottom of your tank, making the water in your tank even cleaner and safer for your family
2. Saves losing the freshest water
Unlike a traditional set up where the fresh water coming in flows out the overflow, with the TankVac®, when your tank overflows the water comes from the bottom of the tank rather than wasting this fresh water.
3. Save Money
For a once off cost of $355 you can have a self-cleaning tank with lower maintenance. Getting your tank cleaned out can cost your over $350
4. A longer lasting filtration system and pump
The TankVac® can potentially extend the life of your pump due to it’s effective cleansing methodology

How does the TankVac® work?

The TankVac® changes the flow of water and creates an automatic vacuum whenever your tank overflows. This vacuum siphons the water from the base of the rainwater tank, discharging it in a strong powerful flow.

Is the TankVac® easy to install?

The TankVac® can be easily fitted any DIY handyman once your tank is in position and ready to be plumbed in. This unique system has No movable parts and operates automatically WITHOUT the need for power. Please note: To avoid getting into the tank during installation, the overflow point needs to be located near the inlet strainer.


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