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Pro Tub Water Troughs

Pro Tub Water Troughs

Featured in the Autumn True Blue Flyer:
220L Pro-Tub – $294
600L Pro-Tub – $437
Valid till 31st May 2019

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Pro Tub Water Troughs

Pro-Tub Water Troughs – Features

These water troughs are our most popular trough with over 26,000 sold in Australia

  • Linch pin secures float which prevents damage. This allows quick no-tools access to the float
  • Float enclosure moulded as part of the trough therefore making it stronger
  • Raised float allowing trough to fill completely
  • All pipework protected by trough surround so livestock don’t damage it
  • 2″ drain bung for easy cleaning
  • Fitted with 1″ high pressure, high flow valve
  • Add ‘-MAX’ to the product code when ordering to replace standard float valve with the NEW high flow MAXFLO valve option. Eg: PTTU40W-MAX (additional $30)

To view Float Valve Flow Rates, click here.

VIDEO : A video is available for this product [ Click Here To View ]

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PTTU40W 220 1110 dia x 460 h $294
PTTU42W 600 1500 dia x 590 h $437
PTTU44W 1200 1930 dia x 670 h $740
PTTU46W 2400 2400 dia x 870 h $1,183

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