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Cone Bottom Tanks

Cone bottom tanks
Cone bottom Tanks _Comparison

Cone Bottom Tanks

  • 15° cone bottom and full drain bung for total evacuation of contents
  • Ribbed sidewall tanks for superior strength
  • Self supporting roof with no internal fixtures or supports
  • 2″ complete draining Banjo fitting installed on all tanks (Optional 3″ available)
  • 3 Positive tie down points / lifting lugs
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel frame (Complete stainless steel stands available on request)
  • Supplied in translucent green colour so level of contents can be seen (Also available in black)
  • 450mm hinged & vented lid
  • Rated for 1.5SG liquids

Stand also available with forklift slippers for safe and easy lifting when empty.

Use every last drop of your valuable liquid fertiliser or molasses!

Multiple options available – call us to discuss your requirements.

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FTS03000 Cone Bottom Tank on Stand 3000L (660 Gal)  2500 dia x 1480 h POA
FTS04500 Cone Bottom Tank on Stand 4500L (990 Gal)  2500 dia x 1750 h POA
FTS07000 Cone Bottom Tank on Stand 7000L (1540 Gal)  2500 dia x 2280 h POA
FTS13500 Cone Bottom Tank on Stand 13600L (3000 Gal) 2500 dia x 3700 h POA
FTS15000 Cone Bottom Tank on Stand 15000L (3300 Gal)  2500 dia x 3970 h POA
BJBD-UPSIZE3 Single Cone Tank upsize to 3″ – inc banjo ball valve & camlock POA

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