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7000L Rainwater Tank set-up on the Single Garage

7000L Rainwater Tank set-up on the Single Garage

Install a 7000L rainwater tank on your new or existing single garage and catch free rainwater.

The 7000L rainwater tank is the perfect size for a 6m by 3.5m single garage. You can then use this water to run into a toilet, basin or shower in your shed. Or it could provide water for a couple of garden taps, a standard garden hose sprinkler, or a toilet or basin in a granny flat.

Download the free info guide to get more details on how to set up your tank. This guide has more detailed drawings including top view, side views, front view and back view. It also includes options on how to prepare your base, the importance of plumbing the overflow away from your tank, and how to prevent algae growth in your rainwater.

We would like to make sure your tank arrives with the inlet, outlets and overflow point in the right place to save time and hassle. So please download the free info guide and let us know if you need any changes to this set-up. We are flexible and can work with your requirements.

This 7000L Rainwater Tank Set-Up Package includes:

  • A 7000L rainwater tank including a stainless steel strainer, dust cover to prevent algae growth, 90mm overflow kit and 2 x 1 ½” outlets
  • A 50L/m Pump with enough pressure to run a couple of garden taps, a standard garden hose sprinkler, or a toilet and basin in a granny flat.
  • Matching pump cover to protect your pump
  • Quick connection kit between the tank & pump to make it easier to get set up.

What can the pump in this set-up do?

To be able to use the water in your tank you need a good pump. The pump in this package has enough pressure to run:

  • A couple of garden hoses
  • A standard garden hose sprinkler
  • A pressure washer to wash your car
  • A toilet and basin in a granny flat

Pump specifications:

  • External, water cooled pump with integrated pressure controller, pre-filter, non-return valve and quick connect fittings
  • 3 tap Pump
  • Max Flow Rate: 50L/m
  • Max Head: 39m
  • Inlet & Outlet Size: 1”
  • Warranty: 3 years

VIDEO: A video is available for this product watch now


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Keep it clean
A mosquito proof inlet strainer and dust cover comes standard on all tanks, maintaining your water quality.


Easy to handle
Comes with moulded lifting lugs to make handling your tank easy.


A 90mm overflow kit supplied unfitted.


Comes with 2 x BSP outlets.


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