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27,000L Tank Package for your Machinery or Hayshed

27000L Machinery or hayshed package

27,000L Tank Package for your Machinery or Hayshed


A much better way to buy. By buying in a package like this you save a lot more, plus get everything delivered to your property for free in one go.

Your shed is your best asset for catching rainwater, and its better to put a tank on the side of your shed at the time your shed is built. You can prepare the base and plumb the downpipe into the tank at the same time as your shed installation and you won’t have to pay a plumber another call our fee. A shed without a tank is like a pub with no beer.

When choosing the size of your tank, check the gutter height of your shed and make sure you will have enough fall to the inlet height of your tank. A simple rule of thumb is that the bottom of your gutter should be 150mm higher than the inlet of your tank. The inlet height of the tank in this package is 2440mm / 8′ 0″

Your get more with a Rapid Plas tank. This Package Includes:

  • 1 x 27000L tank (RT27000)
  • 1 x Stainless steel strainer & dust cover. The dust cover is needed to stop sunlight getting into your tank which prevents algae growth
  • Two x 1 ½” outlets to save on plumbing costs
  • 1 x Water Beacon level indicator to easily check the level of your tank from a distance
  • 1 x Overflow kit
  • 1 x 1 1/2″ ball valve

Also you might need two of these tanks depending on how big your shed is. Call 1800 816 299 to speak with one of our water needs consultants today.


NOTE: Must be delivered direct to farm as one whole package. Package price, unable to be sold separately.

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