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10,000L Combination Tank & Trough

10000L Rapid Plas Tank and Trough Combo with Level Indicator (DP640)

Featured in the Summer True Blue Flyer:
2 x 10000L Tank & Trough Combo – $3910 x 2
Two Free Brooms (PTSWB2)
Valid till 28th February 2019

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10,000L Combination Tank & Trough

The quick & easy solution for stock water management on your property!

There are a number of key factors to consider when choosing the Combo

  1. Security – knowing stock have access to water for several days even if pipe cracks or pump fails
  2. Water Quality – cool, clean & fresh water contributes to better growth rates & productivity. Water in trough is kept cool by the tank & tank provides shade to at least 1/3 of trough at any time during the day
  3. Easy to clean with the sweep out brush & specially designed ramp
  4. Easy to install – comes pre-plumbed so all you have to do is hook up water inlet & check float level
  5. Trough design & proximity of tank wall prevents livestock getting into trough and fouling water.
  6. High flow rates and large water supply prevents trough running dry even when under pressure from large mobs of thirsty cattle on hot days
  7. Calmer animal behaviour due to access to good water supply & less visibility of other animals – tank blocks the view across trough
  8. Easy to see water level indicator for quick checking of stock water


  • 1 x 10,000L Tank and Trough combo
  • 2” internal plumbing already fitted
  • High pressure valve at the top for filling tank
  • Low pressure valve at the bottom for filling trough
  • Level indicator to check your livestock have enough water


Are you..
– Always checking dam levels?
– Struggling with pipes & troughs?
– Unable to leave the farm?

The Tank & Trough Combo is the answer!
The quick and easy solution for stockwater management on your property.
Available in 5000ltr and 25000ltr capacities as well.

For more information contact the friendly Rapid Plas Sales Team, FREECALL 1800 816 299 to request an information package.

VIDEO : A video is available for this product [ Click Here To View ]

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