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Special Tank and Pump Packages

Rapid Plas provides the best water storage solutions for New South Wales and South-East Queensland’s residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Here at Rapid Plas, we are proud to provide rainwater tank and pump packages to make our high-quality rainwater storage systems more accessible.  Rest assured that we do not cut costs. Our robust tanks are manufactured following international standards AS/NZS 4766, providing you with a long-lasting environmentally friendly and economic water storage system.

Another benefit of purchasing from Rapid Plas is that packages with large tanks are delivered for free. You can view our freight details for our onsite delivery requirements and the list of our delivery areas.

Water Tanks for All Needs

We offer rainwater tank and pump packages for different sizes of households, establishments, plants and farms. We have the Rapid-Easi Small Garden Package that can supply water for a small garden, topping up pools or washing your car. For water supply for the whole home, we have a package that has two 27,000L tanks, storing 54,000L of water. We also have a Rapid-Easi Water and Septic Package for those building homes out of town.

Our water tank and pump packages are designed to make Australian households and businesses more self-sufficient. View our packages today.

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