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Livestock Watering Troughs and Packages

Rapid Plas makes stock watering simpler and easier. We offer high-quality tanks and accessories designed and built for livestock watering. We have some of the most durable livestock water troughs which offer the advantages of concrete but with added convenience. You can buy our tanks and accessories as packages or as separate items.

If you’re planning to set up a livestock watering system, it’s more cost-effective to buy our packages, which are offered with free delivery to your farm for all items.

Package Features

  • Tanks
  • Plastic Troughs
  • Float valves
  • Float covers
  • Water beacon level indicator
  • Two Outlets on each tank
  • Ball valves


Our livestock watering system is suitable for cattle, horses and sheep. They are extremely tough and safe for larger livestock. Unlike plain concrete, their rim design allows them to withstand cattle and their smooth sides are less abrasive for the animals’ legs.

We offer round poly water troughs that give 360° access or long rectangular troughs to accommodate numerous animals. We also have combination tank and trough products that require zero installation of fittings between the tank and trough. These tank and stock watering troughs provide cooler, fresher and cleaner water that help refresh and hydrate the animals.

Help your animals stay hydrated and keep cool. View our livestock watering packages and accessories today.

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