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Livestock Feeding Products

Rapid Plas carries a wide range of high-quality accessories for livestock feeding. All our products are designed for heavy-duty use, meeting the demands of cattle, horses, goats and sheep. We offer poly feeders and livestock feeding troughs that are UV-stabilised to withstand daily harsh sun exposure. The material is also corrosion-resistant to accommodate all types of feed. With smart-designed covers, the feed and minerals are protected from the elements so your livestock can enjoy fresher food and supplements.


Rapid Plas offers livestock feeders and feed troughs designed for the specific needs of large and medium-sized livestock. We have troughs for calves, for sheep and goats, a sheep tub and pig feeders. Made with smooth interiors and drain bungs, the troughs and feeders allow for easy cleaning.

We also carry tank for the proper storage of molasses.

The molasses tanks have hinged and vented lids and have manhole access. Those living within our delivery area can receive their tanks without a delivery charge.

For calves, lambs and kids, we have calfaterias, teats and caps.  The teats are made of soft polyurethane to help the young livestock suck with ease. The calfaterias’ valve is removable to allow thorough cleaning of the teats’ internal cavity.

Give your livestock the nutritional support they need by using the right feeders and troughs. Browse our catalogue to learn more about our products and their uses.

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