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Equine and Animal Care Products

Rapid Plas offers a wide range of high-quality equine feeders and animal care products in New South Wales and the South-Eastern Queensland area. We carry some of the sturdiest and most smartly-designed products for horses, dogs, pigs, bulls and other animals.With Rapid Plas, and with the help of our dealers, you have partners in rearing strong, beautiful horses and dogs.


Our poly products have proven durability. They are UV stabilised and resistant to corrosion allowing for long outdoor use outdoors. Our plastic horse feed bins, calf shelter, dog kennels and poly pig flooring can withstand daily use for years. They are easy to clean and are designed for the comfort of the animals.

The products for horses allow for convenient feeding. The horse hay feeder’s compartment is large enough for caretakers to fit a biscuit of hay, allowing generous provision of feed. They come with a lid that prevents the horses from pulling the biscuit of hay from the rack. The robust fence drinker is strongly constructed and comes with galvanised steel mounting brackets to hold up to equine use. We also have fence feeders that are equally reliable. They come in different shapes and sizes to provide clients with a design that can be attached to their fence.

Give your horses and other livestock the best nourishment and care with the right feeders. Browse our catalogue today.

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