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Rapid Plas Livestock Feeding Products Group

Rapid Plas carries a wide range of high-quality accessories for livestock feeding. Give your livestock the nutritional support they need by using the right feeders and troughs.

Products include:

  • Mineral feeders for cattle
  • Molasses licker feeders for cattle
  • Feed troughs suitable for all types of feed including molasses and speciality mixes. For sheep and cattle.
  • Calf, Kid, and Lamb fence feeders with one, five, or eight teat options available.
  • Pig feeders

Tell us your need today and we’ll try and provide you with what we think would suit best.



"Our farm has many tanks. The Rapid Plas hold up the best. Not only are their many products (as well as tanks) well made, but the help and service that I've had via phone has been wonderful. No problem is too hard."
Fiona, New England, NSW

"Feed scoops are a hidden rapidplas gem. I bought one when I was away for work, fell in love with it, tried to get another one at probably 10 local produce stores. No luck, Drove 120klm back to original produce and stocked up. Their chaff scoop is brilliant."

"I am most impressed with the Rapid Plas Experience.
Great product Range
Ordering and confirmation well automated
Supportive delivery team
Good experience with delivery team
Christian, NSW